Mid-Island Youth Club

"We are Committed to Community Service"


The first Mid-Island Youth Club was chartered under Past President Gloria Smith. Past President Leora Heyward reactivated the youth club in 1985. Today Mid-Island Youth Club members are active and committed to providing quality community service throughout Suffolk County per the Association’s mandates.

The purpose of the Youth Club is to provide programs and seminars that educate and develop young people in our communities.  The Mid-Island Youth Club is committed to community service as we address the new national youth program theme "L.E.T. C.H.A.N.G.E. HAPPEN."



The program areas are as follows:
L – Leadership
E – Entrepreneurship
T - Technology

C – Community Service
H – Higher Education
A – Activism
N – Networking
G – Global Awareness
E – Entrepreneurship – Education/Training

Community Service

Making a difference in the community.